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Be comfortable while wearing a suit

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Trend For Hot Weather 2022

But if you’re worried about suits being too heavy to wear in the hot sun, we have good news. Instead of heavy materials and colors, Raftmen reports lighter options for the style-savvy shopper when it comes to fabric and shades. Don’t be mistaken: These are not your mother’s power suits. Instead of throwing on a corporate uniform, the more personality you put into the way you dress, the more on-trend you’re going to be. And remember, comfort is key.

Be bold with your color choices

One of the reasons suits are so popular for hot weather 2022 is because they’re available in lighter fabrics now. The other reason? The variety of colors.

Whether you choose to wear a blouse or t-shirt under your blazer, you don’t have to stick to black, navy, or grey anymore — unless you really want to. According to Brunette From Wall Street, one color you should consider for your suit is Pantone’s color of the year: periwinkle. Don’t let the purple scare you, though; if you’re worried about what will match, Stitch Fix recommends “warm neutrals or muted greens,” such as some high-rise pants with a silk button-down blouse under the Cutaway Blazer in Bi-Stretch from Ann Taylor. Swap out the ankle pants for a pair of boyfriend jeans and heels for a sexy take on this trend.

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

— Coco Chanel

A good blazer is one of the most important garments in a guy’s wardrobe. Chances are you’ve made an investment on a particularly nice suit jacket, and too often it sits in your wardrobe only to be pulled out for the occasional wedding. Your favourite blazer deserves more daylight than it’s getting at the moment. That’s not to say you have to start rocking a three piece suit to grab groceries though, in reality that blazer of yours is way more versatile than perhaps you realise.

Look for contrasting pants

It might be a classic combo, but let’s face it — a navy blazer with tan chinos is a bit obvious. You’re on the right path but let’s go one step further. For instance, ASAP Nast paired his navy blazer with white illustrated trousers and boots to add some uniqueness to his recent fit. Graphics and patterns are always a good choice; follow Frank Ocean’s lead and grab a pair of check pants and wallabees for your next casual navy blazer look. Or instead of tan and navy why not try a different colour combo altogether? Just think WWHSD (what would Harry Styles do)? He’d wear a light grey blazer with pastel yellow trousers, is what he’d do.

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